Monday, August 29, 2011

NICU Grad Photo Shoot-Daxton

Daxton (Dax) was born at 34 weeks and was only in the NICU for a short 16 days, although to the parents, I am sure that time crawled. He hasn't been home for very long before I received an email to do a photo session with this wonderful family.

I was welcomed into their home and shown around to get an idea for their lifestyle so we can start their session. The session was styled as a "lifestyle" photo shoot so as that the family was more comfortable doing what they do in their every day lives instead of worrying about posing and getting cheesy shots that may or may not turn out due to a fussing or hungry baby.

Many emotions come from a parent while their child is in the NICU. Dax's mother stated "....fear, anxiety, worry, love, pain, hope (at times) and hopeless (at other times)." were her emotions through all this but since posting some sneak peeks, she has stated how in love with the photos she is and how timeless they are and how she will cherish them. The photos definitely capture not just a mother's love for her baby but also the family connection as well as the strength in that child's eyes.

I hope to continue to watch Dax grow through many follow up photo sessions.

I was and am still very honored to be able to step into the lives of these wonderful, caring and very sweet people. Thank you Preemie Prints for introducing me to them!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Monreau

Monreau came into my studio earlier this week as a product model. She mainly modeled some headbands and flower clips I had from A Tutu For Any Little Princess. Monreau is 10 weeks old and was such a doll. She put up with me waking her up to change her position every time she fell asleep.

New Charm Sets from Signs By LC-Product Photography

I am in love with these new charms Signs By LC received lately. I am a big "Vampire Diaries" fan so I love the vampire teeth, cherries are very yummy fruits, and the music notes...OMG... I was in choir most my life so music IS my life

Lamp Glass from Signs By LC-Product Photography

I had the priveledge to shoot some of Signs By LC's products yet again. She is an awesome vendor and I get that feeling like it is Christmas every time I get a package from her.

These are some gorgeous lamp glass sets as well as some more charms (will post in another blog) she just received.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aidan's 5 Year Portraits

Yesterday, my lil man turned 5 and it breaks my heart every time I say that I have a 5 yr old.

Today, a day later, I decide to do some photos of my newly turned 5 yr old.

First he didn't want to get out of his Iron Man pajama pants to get dressed in the outfit I wanted him in but when I got him changed, he decided to roll on the floor. But eventually he made his way onto the studio flooring. Then he gave me the "I'm miserable" look. But eventually I got some that looked decent enough to frame.