Thursday, November 21, 2013

Princess Olivia 24 Days Old

Gracelyn Olivia was born October 28. She is very precious yet she has a lot to say for such a tiny soul. She will let you know how she feels by giving you the finger (sticking up her middle finger) as she did to me multiple times during this session.
Gracelyn, also known as Grace, Gracie or by her one of her older brothers "Princess Olivia".
While getting ready for the session, little Gracie had the hiccups and was not too concerned with sleeping. Thank goodness for the Baby White Noise app (found on the Google Play store for those interested) and some comfort rocking, she went right to sleep.
In the short amount of time she was asleep, I am happy to say we got some seriously cute photos to make you have baby fever.

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Lisa Smith said...

love it you did such a good job.