Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alexander-9 months Old

If you remember, I did a friend of mine's baby shower photos back in July last year. I was finally able to see her baby boy for the first time today as well as take his photos. He was a very active little man as well as very happy when mommy made him laugh.

When I first met Alexander, I was greeted by getting to hold him and then just a few seconds later he spit up on me. It was no big deal as I have been there done that with my own kid so I was not upset one bit. Clothes can be wiped and washed!

Here is a teaser photo of Alexander laughing at his mommy. The back story is that his mom went outside the house and stood in front of the windows I was shooting near. She would in turn make silly faces and funny noises to get him to smile or laugh. He is not quite looking at the camera but in my mind, that doesn't matter as it is capturing his personality!

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